Thursday, September 19, 2013

One in -- one out

I learned from the flylady, if one new item comes into the home, something old has to go. I do by no means do that with everything, but this post wouldn't exist without the flylady, because I would keep the old item. So this is what happened:

I have this favorite pair of shoes. They are sneakers. White with a little pink. The most comfy shoe I've ever had. Take a look:

In addition, they were the only relatively rainproof shoes besides the rainboots you can see here. Which always leaves me with blisters and they're NOT comfy at all. I've had the sneaker quite some time now, I've bought them while while living in Norway, that's 3 years ago and wore them a lot there already, so this is what happened:

So needless to say they're nowhere near rainproof now. So I really needed new ones. But it's not easy to find good new sneakers if you 1. really only want to keep the old ones, or buy the same again (nd not find them anywhere in the shop) 2. I have flat feet and most shoes are designed to fit slim feet.

On Monday after a lovely lunch date with my sister Teresa, I went to the city. I looked at shoes in this one shop: Deichmann. I was looking for boots mainly (rainproof!!), but didn't find any to my liking. When suddenly I saw these boots on a girl. I've been through all the shop, but nothing good and she turns up and makes me like shoes. Luckily I saw which colour the shoesbox had, so I walked through the shop and found them after three rounds (don't look that nice on display) and they where HIGH up and I am rather small. I tried them on and OH WONDER: They make my feet look smaller (which I absolutely LOVE) and additionally they had lots of space for my feet. It just fit. So take a look at my new boots:

I LOVE THEM, but we'll have to see if they prove to be as awesome as I think they are...

I took these pictures and threw my wondeful and deeply loved shoes in the trash! They were trash. (Of course I wore them even though there were holes in them ;) ) I would not have thrown them away without the one in - one out rule.

It feels good.

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