Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On: Waiting... in the rain

Two days ago I was waiting for my buddy, an estonian girl who will be studying in Münster for one semester. Her bus was supposed to arrive at 14.30, but got delayed.
What does one normally do, when waiting? Check the watch all the time and get annoyed.
What does one normally do, when it's raining? Stay inside!! (At least I would)...

But this gave me the perfect opportunity to just live in the moment:
I stood in the bus stop, so it was not raining ON me, but there was a lot of water flooding THROUGH the bus stop. Luckily I wore my rainboots, so I had some fun: Making a dam with my boots, stomping in the water, push the water to rush even faster...
 Then I remembered that I want to start this blog, and thought this would make a beautiful first post, so I began taking pictures of me (and my boots in the water). I felt akward doing that when people walked by :) But there weren't many, maybe because of the rain. But it felt akward anyway, just look at my face ;)


 Love, Lisa-Marie


  1. Waiting in the rain makes people do wonderful stuff. This post takes me back in time when I was a kid. I used to make paper boats and float it on the drains. That was a long time ago and it was amazing :) I cant remember the last time I made a paper boat. Maybe about two decades ago :D haha... Now Its raining here and I'm gonna make a paper boat. Thanks for taking me back in time!

    1. How cool is that, Indika! Maybe I should make paperboat next time it rains (and it WILL rain again here...) :)