Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Home, Sweet Home... And Not So Sweet Things

I have safely arrived in my home in Norway. The journey was without any troubles. I had a great evening at my friends house before taking the train early the next morning from her city. It was so relaxed and fun. Thank you, Bianca! :-*

I arrived on friday, everything was fine that day, on saturday i suddenly felt really sick. And that evening was not beautiful. At least the night was okay besides one trip to the bathroom around 4 o'clock. Today I'm better, but still feeling very tired and zapped of all energy. But yesterday evening I took a walk with my roomie and a shower afterwards, that's always a good thing. Tonight we will go to a friends birthday party, we'll see how much of a party it will be for me.

Now I want to share a few pictures of my current home:
 This is the part of my room that looks presentable. When I lived here this was my room, now it's still occupied by some stuff of the girl who lived here, but recently moved out. It's nice, because it's not an empty room.

 View from the living room. the forecast said it would be raining all the time, which did not surprise me a lot, it's quite rainy here. So this is a wonderful surprise.

View from the front door. Oh, I love it so :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014


My friends,
I have been "away" a lot. There are a few things going on in my life, one I already told you about is my trip to Norway, which I kinda stress about. In addition I have some intense learning to do. I have an exam next wednesday about church history and I'm not really good at this (dumb) memorizing. Last night we had a concert with our Gospel choir, which I was the presenter for. I was kinda stressed about that too. So, now you know, why I have been away from here. Too many things filling my head.

The pictures were taken yesterday at this tea house while preparing for the role as a presenter: