Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One thousand gifts challenge

Last night I started to read this:
I've followed Ann Voskamp on facebook and reading some posts on her blog for what feels a long time. I have her graphics as background on my desktop (this at the moment).
Now a friend of mine and future flatmate in october gave me her book and it had me crying in the beginning. I know this shutting off of the heart, this shutting God out.

I've read three chapters so far and have decided to take the challenge of listing 1000 gifts/blessings, it's about thankfulness. The miracles come after the thankfulness. And because I'm in a rough spot (again), of not wanting to do anything, I thought it would be nice to try something new. Ann says that pictures can hold thankfulness. So after listing some stuff (like 8. a BROWN dove!! or 11. the old babytoys from back then when we were little), I took the camera and took some pictures around the house. I want to share some of them with you!

14. clouds. Man I LOVE to look at clouds. Especially if there's blue sky inbetween ;)

 15. This is a flower I got to pick from a bouquet my father gave my mom.

16. My nightstand at my parents house.

 17. Sun behind a patterned curtain.

18. Gift bags from last christmas. I am the biggest fan of polkadots. Love how the dots in the biggest bag shine through in the light.

 20. One of my favorite flowers: Poppies. They are so fragile and yet so strong.

21. Notes we left in the entrance area
(Saying: A: I am fond of you!
B: I am fond of you, too!
C:I am fond of you (two)!
A: We are fond of you, too!
D:And I am, too (Really hard to translate)!
B: I am fond of you all! )

23. A bouquet from our "garden" in the front. Which isn't supposed to be a garden full of flowers, but i LOVE the wild craziness of that area.
This is actually Nr. 1: Our little fawn in the garden.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting ready to party...

Soo, tonight is kind of the farewell party of my sister, who is leaving to take her masters degree in Sweden (I totally get that choice, scandinavia is simply the best). We're going to a 90ies party, dancing to some great music :)

I was in the mood for a fun outfit and even a little make-up!

 I want to dance, so sneakers are a must. I know the outfit would look a lot cuter with some flats, but dancing away is so much better in sneakers.
These are fun tights which I've only worn once and that needed to get out. I love this dress! I've toyed with putting some different coloured behind the lace....
 I love this picture even though it's blurry!

And me with me make-up has to be shared as well ;)

 Staring you down ;)

And my hair! It's been like this the last couple of days and it's my first attempt at an half-up. It's a little to short to put up entirely, so I had to experiment. This is what's come out of it. Of course my signature twist in it ;)

Have a great weekend!