Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One thousand gifts challenge

Last night I started to read this:
I've followed Ann Voskamp on facebook and reading some posts on her blog for what feels a long time. I have her graphics as background on my desktop (this at the moment).
Now a friend of mine and future flatmate in october gave me her book and it had me crying in the beginning. I know this shutting off of the heart, this shutting God out.

I've read three chapters so far and have decided to take the challenge of listing 1000 gifts/blessings, it's about thankfulness. The miracles come after the thankfulness. And because I'm in a rough spot (again), of not wanting to do anything, I thought it would be nice to try something new. Ann says that pictures can hold thankfulness. So after listing some stuff (like 8. a BROWN dove!! or 11. the old babytoys from back then when we were little), I took the camera and took some pictures around the house. I want to share some of them with you!

14. clouds. Man I LOVE to look at clouds. Especially if there's blue sky inbetween ;)

 15. This is a flower I got to pick from a bouquet my father gave my mom.

16. My nightstand at my parents house.

 17. Sun behind a patterned curtain.

18. Gift bags from last christmas. I am the biggest fan of polkadots. Love how the dots in the biggest bag shine through in the light.

 20. One of my favorite flowers: Poppies. They are so fragile and yet so strong.

21. Notes we left in the entrance area
(Saying: A: I am fond of you!
B: I am fond of you, too!
C:I am fond of you (two)!
A: We are fond of you, too!
D:And I am, too (Really hard to translate)!
B: I am fond of you all! )

23. A bouquet from our "garden" in the front. Which isn't supposed to be a garden full of flowers, but i LOVE the wild craziness of that area.
This is actually Nr. 1: Our little fawn in the garden.

Have a great week everyone!

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