Friday, October 31, 2014

High five for friday

I've been meaning to post for quite some time now, but never came around actually doing it. I wanted to give you all a little update what's been up, because it's some things. So I decided the High Five for friday link-up over at The Lauren Elizabeth would be the best way to put it together in a short way (well it's gotten LOOOONG, bear with me - it's a lot of pictures in the second half!).

1. I've had a really hard time lately, with my depression coming back and being worse than ever. But with a new medication I'm back on track. It's not actually making me do things (who would expect that?? I'd love it though ;) ), but it's like: before life was like a mountain, a massive one piece. Now I start to see that there's smaller stones that are moveable. Last saturday night I even thought: I could go for a run before church tomorrow. Well, I didn't do it, BUT the fact that I THOUGHT it, is a big thing atm.

2.I've got a new room-mate, from now on only called: Roomie. We've been in the gospel choir together and been friends for some time now. She's quickly becoming a big part of my life, as you'll find out soon. She's been getting me out for running, has people come over, watching movies with me (currently going through Jane Austen, I'm reading first and then we're watching the movie together), she's cooking and cleaning a lot and we eat together most of the time.

3. I've been playing around with polymer clay. It started off as a project to get rid of old polymer clay, which I had bought in Norway a long time ago. I just wanted to be done with it (trying to get rid of clutter). I love buttons, so I decided to make buttons:

And a friend that stayed with Roomie and I said that she liked one of the green "peace" ones, so I decided to make her a bracelet using this layered button bracelet as an inspiration and some of the "real" buttons I had in my stash.

She's quite creative herself, so she decided to wear it as a necklace with some thick thread which I usually use in the garden (yes, it't turning on one side, but I kinda like it):

4. After this making buttons, which was great fun, I was like: man, I could make more and sell them. The first round was only partially nice, some of them are not so great, maybe also because of the colour-combination... So I went to a artists shop here and looked for books about polymer clay, and they had one for jewelery-making and I found one pattern I liked a lot, I read how to do it, then bought more polymer clay in white and black and several shades of green. It took me some days to actually start, because I then started to watch youtube-videos, also about the baking and was getting hesitant, because of the fumes (I've had bad experiences). In some videos the ladies had a spare oven only for the clay!! Later I found another solution: aluminium-foil and an additional (small) pan, so the fumes don't get into the oven. It went awesome, this is the result:

You can see: the holes are not button-like. The reason is that I wanted to make earrings and a necklace. The earring-ones got one hole and the necklace ones several different holes. Look (this is Roomie, the first pair was for her):

Now I want to make more of these in many different colors! Hooked.

5.Yesterday Roomie had a pumpkin-carving party. I wasn't carving my own (my arms!), but I helped a little with swirls. I just need to share this picture of a friend of mine and his interpretation of carving:

The one from Roomie outside in the garden:

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png