Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TT: Teachers Troubles

Hej everyone! Long time no see... I've been gone for a long time. Different reasons I won't write about here, maybe another post some way down the lane.

So for some weeks I've been a norwegian teacher, it happened quite suddenly and unexpected. I'm studying scandinavian studies and we have a mailing list, were we get updates regularly. There was this email saying that the asta (a students organisation) need a norwegian teacher, best starting that week or the week after that.
And I remembered that I like to teach people things. I've been teaching afghans norwegian in Norway and that was great fun! I applied without thinking about it. And I think that was the best thing I could've done, because if I start thinking I often get afraid and then I feel paralyzed, resulting in me doing nothing.
So the day after my application I went to the coordinator of the language courses and we talked about a lot of stuff. I needed to pick a book and think about how to actually teach the students. It overwhelmed me, but I had already committed, so I just kept moving.

There were more than 30 people, that were interested in learning norwegian. How awesome is that. So now I have 26 students in 3 courses. It's good for my depression, because I need to go out, people expect me to show up and to be prepared.

The classrooms have blackboards with chalk and I use them a lot, this results in me looking like this after class:
First up: my grey trousers, I took this picture after getting home by bicycle, so it faded some.

I took this picture directly after class outside the building. The pants are black originally ^^