Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 2016 Update

Well, I made a little bit of art, so I finally start a new blogpost. I just wanted to give an update on what is going on in my life.

First up the artwork. It was inspired by this picture which is actually showing an embroidery piece and I did it with pens. But I liked the feel of it and it was definitly good for trying on paper. And so I did. I'm not totally happy with this. I think the trouble was that I took too little time with cutting out the paper patterns. But I just wanted to try it and it had to be fast. ^^

Here's the endproduct:

It looks so much more beautiful in the inspiration, but well, it works out on paper and I might be trying this again sometime.

Here's a picture with the pattern still on, and a picture of when I first took off the pattern, there was some addition to be made to get a clearer picture.

In other news, I'm starting a new job in June and I'm really looking forward to be working again. I was quite active here at home the last few days, getting my life together. Maybe the 30 in the end of the month does change the way I think. ^^

I drastically cut my hair and donated my it. That was a new and fun experience :)

This is all from me today.
Thanks so much for your time.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Autumn - Høst - Herbst

Oh, I love this time of year (well, it's almost winter now and icecold, but let's just pretend I wrote and published this a week ago). I really like wind and this year the wind reminded me of my second home Norway. I miss it.
The best thing about autumn are the colors. I'm a lover of deep red and bordeaux, and the beautiful combination with yellow and/or green. This was the first year that I actually collected loads of leaves, with the intention to take pictures of the colors. And what happened? When I came around to take the pictures, they had dried and lost some of the vibrancy. Well, I took the pictures anyway and some of them turned out pretty amazing.

Don't ask me why this gets turned to the side! Just like the next one...

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Earrings - more polymer clay fun!

Can't believe it's been a year since I worked with polymer clay last. But it has! Here is last years post with pictures from the green earrings. Since that day I've wanted to make more in different colors, especially white. Because there's translucent white polymer clay and I thought it might look a little lice lace and I LOVE lace. So, I bought more white and translucent white polymer clay one year ago, but never touched it. Some weeks ago my brothers girlfriend and her girl came over to have fun with polymer clay. I finally got around to try this white/translucent white combination and it was really nice. It was just a trial, I didn't use a knife just for the white, we used the same knife for lilac, blue, green and white. So there's some traces on the end product. But I really don't care, I think homemade products need some "errors", adds to the fun.

I even tried to make pearls and made a pair of earrings for myself out of them. Next time around I'll look for a tutorial beforehand, on how to make the holes. I made them in the beginning, and one of them isn't quite straight now, so the pearl is a little lopsided (which you don't see on the pictures!). Maybe one makes the holes in the end, or there's a special trick that I don't now.

 After that I made three pairs of my standard earrings.
One pair of smaller ones, with a smaller pattern and smaller buttons.

And to pairs of the bigger ones. One pair isn't shown here. It was for me and has a silver instead of a platin hook, because my left ear tends to get infected when I don't wear silver. But it costs so much more, so I only make those for myself. If anyone wanted to buy these and wanted silver, it would be easily done, with another 7€ added to the 7€ I want to sell these for.

And another experiment of mine. These pictures got a little blurry, but you can see how the earrings look like.

 Some photographic experiments with the longer earrings.

And now the best in the end. These are translucent earrings, so when the light comes from the back, they are shining through! These are blurry too. Honestly, I was to impatient to take pictures check them out on the laptop and then make new ones, but just with the earrings, you can see what I want to show, anyways! It's easier to see on the bigger one. The smaller one is too intricate to show it on pictures of this quality.

Sending loads of love your way,

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Start Sewing Club

I'm following this awesome blogger Hanna, in her blog she shows her refashions of clothes and sewing projects (and many more topics, which aren't important to this post right here). She's just such a sweet & creative person. I love to read her blog and always wanted to try one of her refashions (but never actually did). So when she announced she would give a "start sewing club"-course, I instantly wanted to join it.
I recently earned some money, which wasn't planned for in my budget, so when I saw an "Early Bird" Special Price I instantly decided to really do it. (I haven't used a lot of money on creativity). But I felt confident that it was a good way to spend my money based on Hannas Blog.

The course starts off with Sewing Basics, like understanding the machine, different stitches and stuff like that. I know a lot of sewing basics, I've refashioned things myself before and I'm crazy impatient so I skipped these videos. I started some of them but couldn't finish them, because I knew too much already, but if you're a beginner: It's perfect and thorough!

I went shopping for this, I wanted to make it out of fabric I have at home, but nothing was big enough. After being in the fabric shop I was happy I did buy something. It made me really giddy and much more motivated to really do this (I sometimes have trouble to follow through, especially when I have a bad episode of depression). Here's my fabric choices:

First thing to sew was a skirt. Without a pattern, just with our own measurements. We learned to make and sew pleats. I had quite some obstacles because of my impatience (not checking the measurements, not being perfectionist with the pleats...), but I managed all of them. Here are some pictures from the process:

Trying to manage the pleats

just laying it out on my bed, to get a idea of the look of the differently colored waistband

ironing down the last pleat

Now on to the finished garment. I need to warn you, I was very uncomfortable in front of the lense. It was much easier when I snapped the pictures myself, but we do not have a full-length mirror, so I needed the assistance of others. And the cap I wore in this picture is my brothers, and as everyone said it would suit me I thought it fun to include it in the pictures. But it looks kinda strange in the pictures.
We could decide the length of the skirt ourselves, and as I've always wanted a maxi skirt, I opted for the loooooong version.

this is so much fun, I needed to include it

Next up was a blouse. I found this really fun fabric which I instantly fell in love with. So off to work I went. It was great fun too. Here are some pictures of the blouse being created

And the finished project, I think it's a tad short, I'm thinking about adding a different hemline, or even add a little bit of another fabric (the shop had the same kind of fabric in pink, so that is an option). I needed to measure the bust and from that measurement decided how much fabric i'd need, and I looked in the wrong field in the table, so I ended up with a little too little fabric to have it the right length.

But if I wear it together with the skirt it's perfect:

Here a shoot from the side, where you can see the buttons:

And my favorite style of skirt is the Bubble skirt, so while sewing I always knew I wanted this to be an option. And by using safety pins, I pinned the hemline to the inner part of the waistband. Now I have two options to wear this skirt!

So, if you want to learn to sew, the basics and also this skirt and blouse, join Hannas start sewing club and learn to do it. I would always join this course again and am really looking forward to her next course!

Loads of love to you all!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Garden

Today I snapped some pictures in the garden. It is a total mess out there, after the flooding of the area last summer. Some handymen took away the soil so the wall could dry, and the hole right in front of my window is still there:

It was supposed to be done come summer, but it's not getting anywhere. There's to be a patio of sorts with paving stones. The horse tail is very prominent and not easily killed. A patio is the best solution.

In the back of the picture you can see, there's paving stones standing upright and on top, there's my flowers. I planted them with my mom and my sister a week ago, after a crying fit from my side. I'm really struggling lately, but next week psychotherapy is starting up again. That will help. I am zapped of energy and all I ever want is to lie in bed.

For you to see the whole picture, with the hole almost unseen:

We planted a row of some different flowers, to have something nice to look at. The pictures do not really convey how it really looks. (It looks so much better in real life)!!

I also took some closeups and I can't decide which picture to show (having a hard time deciding also being a part of the struggle), so I'll just give you all of them. It's not many in the first place:

 Sending loads of love to you all!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Artwork

Hello friends :)
I want to post regularly again, so I had to come up with something to post this week, and I started this really deep post about my view of my body and such. (I've written one sentence, but I know it's going to be deep). It'll take me longer to finish that, so I decided to share my artwork with you.

So I've been in a clinic for psychosomatic disorders for my arm and it did wonders for me. I stayed nine weeks. One part of the therapy was called occupational therapy (in German: Ergotherapie, we always called it "Ergo"), where I painted a lot.
The plan was to not think to much of the outcome before starting, but rather just start using different colours and different tools, and jsut seeing what happens and then decide if it's done or if it does need more work. I came home with seven canvases.
I didn't think I'd find space for all of them, my flat is quite small after all, and some of them were huge. But I did.
Take a look.

This was my first one:

 It got a place in our kitchen and fits in perfectly:

So, green and pink are my favorite colours, so I needed to have a pink artwork, with splashes of green:

It found a space in the bathroom. Next to a fotograph my little brother made and gave me as a gift sometime back: And you can see there's more pink there too.

I did like the green one better, so this time I went back to green, but did totally different things, so it looks like this:

 It's in the bathroom too, on the opposite wall of the pink one.

The next time i added yellow instead of pink to the green. It became a "positive-negative" artwork, with two canvases belonging together. A new friend of mine suggested it and it was really fun. I still wish I'd taken pink instead of yellow, but I felt I needed to change up the colourpattern a bit. But I'm getting used to the colourcombination.

They're in my room above the table:

Then I remembered that I really like it best decorationwise if it's lighter with white and grey, and I needed to try a new way, so this time it's painted in circle. And I REALLY REALLY love this picture, together with the first one it's my favorite.

I started another grey one right away, but I didn't have much time left to do many layers, so I'm not very pleased and think this'll need some more work someday.

I placed these to together, in my room too, but far away from the yellow/green ones (opposite corner):

The time in the clinic was hard, but I made some wonderful friends and I worked on some of my issues. It's was hard coming back, having to live real life again, but some things have changed.