Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Artwork

Hello friends :)
I want to post regularly again, so I had to come up with something to post this week, and I started this really deep post about my view of my body and such. (I've written one sentence, but I know it's going to be deep). It'll take me longer to finish that, so I decided to share my artwork with you.

So I've been in a clinic for psychosomatic disorders for my arm and it did wonders for me. I stayed nine weeks. One part of the therapy was called occupational therapy (in German: Ergotherapie, we always called it "Ergo"), where I painted a lot.
The plan was to not think to much of the outcome before starting, but rather just start using different colours and different tools, and jsut seeing what happens and then decide if it's done or if it does need more work. I came home with seven canvases.
I didn't think I'd find space for all of them, my flat is quite small after all, and some of them were huge. But I did.
Take a look.

This was my first one:

 It got a place in our kitchen and fits in perfectly:

So, green and pink are my favorite colours, so I needed to have a pink artwork, with splashes of green:

It found a space in the bathroom. Next to a fotograph my little brother made and gave me as a gift sometime back: And you can see there's more pink there too.

I did like the green one better, so this time I went back to green, but did totally different things, so it looks like this:

 It's in the bathroom too, on the opposite wall of the pink one.

The next time i added yellow instead of pink to the green. It became a "positive-negative" artwork, with two canvases belonging together. A new friend of mine suggested it and it was really fun. I still wish I'd taken pink instead of yellow, but I felt I needed to change up the colourpattern a bit. But I'm getting used to the colourcombination.

They're in my room above the table:

Then I remembered that I really like it best decorationwise if it's lighter with white and grey, and I needed to try a new way, so this time it's painted in circle. And I REALLY REALLY love this picture, together with the first one it's my favorite.

I started another grey one right away, but I didn't have much time left to do many layers, so I'm not very pleased and think this'll need some more work someday.

I placed these to together, in my room too, but far away from the yellow/green ones (opposite corner):

The time in the clinic was hard, but I made some wonderful friends and I worked on some of my issues. It's was hard coming back, having to live real life again, but some things have changed.

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