Thursday, July 16, 2015

Start Sewing Club

I'm following this awesome blogger Hanna, in her blog she shows her refashions of clothes and sewing projects (and many more topics, which aren't important to this post right here). She's just such a sweet & creative person. I love to read her blog and always wanted to try one of her refashions (but never actually did). So when she announced she would give a "start sewing club"-course, I instantly wanted to join it.
I recently earned some money, which wasn't planned for in my budget, so when I saw an "Early Bird" Special Price I instantly decided to really do it. (I haven't used a lot of money on creativity). But I felt confident that it was a good way to spend my money based on Hannas Blog.

The course starts off with Sewing Basics, like understanding the machine, different stitches and stuff like that. I know a lot of sewing basics, I've refashioned things myself before and I'm crazy impatient so I skipped these videos. I started some of them but couldn't finish them, because I knew too much already, but if you're a beginner: It's perfect and thorough!

I went shopping for this, I wanted to make it out of fabric I have at home, but nothing was big enough. After being in the fabric shop I was happy I did buy something. It made me really giddy and much more motivated to really do this (I sometimes have trouble to follow through, especially when I have a bad episode of depression). Here's my fabric choices:

First thing to sew was a skirt. Without a pattern, just with our own measurements. We learned to make and sew pleats. I had quite some obstacles because of my impatience (not checking the measurements, not being perfectionist with the pleats...), but I managed all of them. Here are some pictures from the process:

Trying to manage the pleats

just laying it out on my bed, to get a idea of the look of the differently colored waistband

ironing down the last pleat

Now on to the finished garment. I need to warn you, I was very uncomfortable in front of the lense. It was much easier when I snapped the pictures myself, but we do not have a full-length mirror, so I needed the assistance of others. And the cap I wore in this picture is my brothers, and as everyone said it would suit me I thought it fun to include it in the pictures. But it looks kinda strange in the pictures.
We could decide the length of the skirt ourselves, and as I've always wanted a maxi skirt, I opted for the loooooong version.

this is so much fun, I needed to include it

Next up was a blouse. I found this really fun fabric which I instantly fell in love with. So off to work I went. It was great fun too. Here are some pictures of the blouse being created

And the finished project, I think it's a tad short, I'm thinking about adding a different hemline, or even add a little bit of another fabric (the shop had the same kind of fabric in pink, so that is an option). I needed to measure the bust and from that measurement decided how much fabric i'd need, and I looked in the wrong field in the table, so I ended up with a little too little fabric to have it the right length.

But if I wear it together with the skirt it's perfect:

Here a shoot from the side, where you can see the buttons:

And my favorite style of skirt is the Bubble skirt, so while sewing I always knew I wanted this to be an option. And by using safety pins, I pinned the hemline to the inner part of the waistband. Now I have two options to wear this skirt!

So, if you want to learn to sew, the basics and also this skirt and blouse, join Hannas start sewing club and learn to do it. I would always join this course again and am really looking forward to her next course!

Loads of love to you all!


  1. You look stunning, Lisa-Marie! I love the whole outfit so much! And, how clever of you to turn it into a bubble skirt option. Pretty neat :) Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so happy you liked the course.

    1. Thank you so much, Hanna! I loved the course and am super happy to have spent money on it, as I usually don't. There's so much for free on the internet, so one begins to expect everything to be free. But that wouldn't honor all the work you had with this. Thanks for starting courses and in that way getting me to really sew something :)