Sunday, October 11, 2015

Earrings - more polymer clay fun!

Can't believe it's been a year since I worked with polymer clay last. But it has! Here is last years post with pictures from the green earrings. Since that day I've wanted to make more in different colors, especially white. Because there's translucent white polymer clay and I thought it might look a little lice lace and I LOVE lace. So, I bought more white and translucent white polymer clay one year ago, but never touched it. Some weeks ago my brothers girlfriend and her girl came over to have fun with polymer clay. I finally got around to try this white/translucent white combination and it was really nice. It was just a trial, I didn't use a knife just for the white, we used the same knife for lilac, blue, green and white. So there's some traces on the end product. But I really don't care, I think homemade products need some "errors", adds to the fun.

I even tried to make pearls and made a pair of earrings for myself out of them. Next time around I'll look for a tutorial beforehand, on how to make the holes. I made them in the beginning, and one of them isn't quite straight now, so the pearl is a little lopsided (which you don't see on the pictures!). Maybe one makes the holes in the end, or there's a special trick that I don't now.

 After that I made three pairs of my standard earrings.
One pair of smaller ones, with a smaller pattern and smaller buttons.

And to pairs of the bigger ones. One pair isn't shown here. It was for me and has a silver instead of a platin hook, because my left ear tends to get infected when I don't wear silver. But it costs so much more, so I only make those for myself. If anyone wanted to buy these and wanted silver, it would be easily done, with another 7€ added to the 7€ I want to sell these for.

And another experiment of mine. These pictures got a little blurry, but you can see how the earrings look like.

 Some photographic experiments with the longer earrings.

And now the best in the end. These are translucent earrings, so when the light comes from the back, they are shining through! These are blurry too. Honestly, I was to impatient to take pictures check them out on the laptop and then make new ones, but just with the earrings, you can see what I want to show, anyways! It's easier to see on the bigger one. The smaller one is too intricate to show it on pictures of this quality.

Sending loads of love your way,

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