Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Autumn - Høst - Herbst

Oh, I love this time of year (well, it's almost winter now and icecold, but let's just pretend I wrote and published this a week ago). I really like wind and this year the wind reminded me of my second home Norway. I miss it.
The best thing about autumn are the colors. I'm a lover of deep red and bordeaux, and the beautiful combination with yellow and/or green. This was the first year that I actually collected loads of leaves, with the intention to take pictures of the colors. And what happened? When I came around to take the pictures, they had dried and lost some of the vibrancy. Well, I took the pictures anyway and some of them turned out pretty amazing.

Don't ask me why this gets turned to the side! Just like the next one...

Have a great week!

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