Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Old window

When I first signed up for pinterest I saw many nice things one could do with an old window. I never pinned any of them: because where in the world would I ever get an old window? You're right: Nowhere.

One day on a walking trip home, there were many bulky waste items standing on the street, they were going to be fetched the next day. Of course there was the perfect window. I carried it home, on my head -- man, was it heavy! It stood in my cellar until recently, because nothing I found on pinterest really made me want to set it up.

In comes: Another blogger, with whom I link up for High five for friday: Lauren. I saw her old window here and loved the idea of having the adhesive tape exposed. I am by no means a lover of exposed anything ;) So this is new to me.
When I saw Laurens window again now, I am surprised, because I didn't really remembered how HER window looked like.

Enough words! Here's the old window, naked first and then in all it's new wonderfulness:

This is how my table looked before the makeover:

I leave you with the real everyday look of my table NOW:

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