Friday, September 20, 2013

High five for friday!

1. Kerttu (my estonian study buddy) visited me on friday night and we had a great sweet Liqour 43 with milk, a good talk and a nice match of Sequence.

2. I had a special visitor last weekend and let me tell you; I'd never EVER thought I would want to have a dog, or any pet for that matter. But now, after a two week holiday in France with two dogs and this weekend -- man, I want a companion like that!

3. Monday was a successful shopping day. My new shoes you saw in yesterdays post, but this is also new:

Look at this cutie bird. I had to look for 925 silver earrings,
my left ear doesn't like other jewlery. I didn't know
what I missed. The same package had a tiny little pearl as
well. You'll see that some other day :)
This ring. At home I saw there were two stones
missing, which I certainly don't miss. But I could
have gotten it cheaper.

And some undies, which I will not show here. But they were much needed. I wanted to buy a chambray shirt, but didn't find one to my liking in the store I was at. (C & A) 

4. My new nail polish:

I love the colour which is 995 well dressed by p2 color victim from dm. I used the all in one base and top coat from essie.
What do I do wrong?? Look at my little finger and the structure on it. I guess I shouldn't paint my nails in the afternoon,
I think it's the sleeping that messes that up. I hate it! But a whole post about nail polish soon!

5. I was so blown away by the reactions on my depression post from wednesday that I posted Part II on the very same day! Now I have a lot of topics I did stumble over in those posts and the planning goes very well:

   Have a nice weekend!

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