Monday, September 16, 2013

On: Greeting people... while taking a brisk walk

I had a special visitor last weekend:

His name is Buddy and he is about 3 years old. I'd never EVER thought I'd say that, but: I would like to have a dog.

Buddy made me go out and walk A LOT! It was fun and felt really good, so I am going to take brisk walks every morning, for one hour.

This is where I walked this morning:

I put on a timer on my phone for half an hour, I would just walk without checking the time, and when the alarm went off I turned around and went back. I slowed down a bit on my way back, so I was active for 1 hour and 10 minutes :)

On my way I greeted almost everyone. When I walked Buddy last weekend other dog-owners would greet us, which I thought very nice. So this morning on my walk (9.35 - 10.45 am) without a dog I just greeted the people coming my direction. It was funny, some where really surprised, one didn't even move her head, but most just smiled back and greeted me. At one point of my walk I started to plan this post and I got very caught up. I stopped greeting people! I suddenly felt they were looking strange at me or something. Haha, I had been greeting people who looked angry some minutes ago, and they weren't angry, they just had a relaxed face (My relaxed face looks angry too, but I tend to forget that) and broke into a smile when greeting me :)

The most awesome thing about it was how I felt! It gave me a really good feeling. I had to curl my hands to fists because there was so much joy bubbling over in my heart and there was a tiny little laughing sound coming out. So, I am sorry to say: The greeting was very egoistic, I thought more about me than the others ;) Due to the time of day I took a walk, all the people were older than me (Kids at school). I am a little frightend of youths and young grown-ups, especially in groups. I don't know if I would have greeted them when meeting them. But at the end of my walk there were two boys and I had the chance to turn -- so I did. Maybe it's easier when it is only one young person, not two together.

I will do this every morning now, that will be a good training to be nice to people and smile at them. After some of that training I may get better at greeting younger ones as well ;)


  1. Hi :-)
    What a nice thing to do .. egoistic or not .. to greet unknown people! You felt happiness inside yourself and I am pretty sure that you made the others taste a bit of that happiness ... a win win situation :-) And if only we all could see the positivity and happiness a gesture like this gives, I am sure the world would be a better place! Keep walking and greeting Lisa- Marie :-) Hugs from Norway

    1. Hi Solvejg!A big hug back!
      Ooh, we could be more generous with hugs as well ;) Might make a "free hugs" sign soon and run around the city ;)
      Klem, Lisa-Marie

  2. Hei Lisa-Marie,
    thank you for the inspiration! I finally went for a walk in the park around the corner, which I wanted to do for so long. It's so good just to take a step out of the daily life and thoughts. I liked walking and get my feet back on the ground. Next time I will try the greeting, but in a big city like Berlin, it maybe seems even more weird... By the way there were a lot of dog owners and I also wished for having a dog walking with me :)
    Hugs, Theresa

    1. Hei Theresa!
      I agree it feels so good to just walk. With the greeting: Some are easier than others: I felt that some were looking at me/in my face anyway, those are the easiest... And have you seen dog owners greet other dog owner? If so, they will also be easier to greet, because they are used to it!
      Yes, having a dog would be great!
      Hugs back, Lisa-Marie

  3. Så ærlig og tydelig tror eg det e få mennesker som e. Ska fortsetta å fylla me på bloggen din. Hilsen Ard Ruben.

    1. Ard Ruben! Tusen takk for det! Glad at du følger med!