Thursday, October 10, 2013

The day after...

Everything that went bad yesterday turned good today!

I had a shower yesterday (whoop, whoop) and went about my day.

1. I wanted to meet my lecturer, because I am writing an assignment. On the internet it said, that she would be there for consultations wednesdays from 1-2 pm. When I was there I found a paper at her door saying: From NEXT week on, my consultation-hour will be wednesdays. Obviously she wasn't there.

2. I wanted to meet my sister for lunch. On Sunday we talked about it, and I felt it was a set date, but... well, it wasn't. So I was in the canteen, but she didn't show. When I called her, she'd had lunch already and was back at work.

3. I wore my new jeans, they have a new cut, straight leg, not slim fit. And they sagged! Like really bad! Bad I was at my parents after the canteen thing and had nothing to change into. I wore them all day...


1. I wrote an email to my lecturer yesterday and she answered this morning saying I could come by at 11.30 am if I could make it. I read that mail at 10.45, but because I had the shower yesterday I could skip that and not feel to bad or ugly.
I was in her office for 45 minutes, only 15 of them spent on my assignment, the rest was life and moving on. She shared lots from her life and I from mine; it felt really nice to be able to talk with her about stuff. I want to write my bachelor-thesis with her (even more now!)

2. I went to the jeans-shop and the lady was quite firm, that because I had worn it already he couldn't take it back. I was quite proud of myself, because I tend to cry very fast, and I felt them bubbling up, but I kept them under control (yeah!). She found a size smaller for me (all the while I was thinking: my budget doesn't stretch so far that I could buy the same jeans again, only another size), when she gave it to me, I wanted to say that. But she was faster ;) Said I should try this size and we would see what could be done. So I tried it on and it fit (it didn't fit 2 days ago!?!?). She looks at me saying like: "Yeah, this is the size you should be wearing... and I can't take the other back... But this is your size... Ok I'll do it." Wow, incredible!

3. I met my sister for lunch. She was earlier than I expected and called me while I was trying on the jeans. So I had to hurry a lot and she was already eating when I came, but we did it :)

Now I am at home, packing for a ten day "vacation". I'll be living with my sister at my parents house, because they are gone on real vacation... that way she and I will have some quality time together. The plan is, that I get up with her in the mornings and we have breakfast together, at 7.30 am (ridiculously early for my rythm, but I really am a morning person and feel better that way), at 8.00 am we'll leave the house. She'll go to work and I to the library to work on my assignment. We will have lunch together, afterwards a little more work. This rutine will help me a lot!

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