Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Get-up-early challenge day 2

Hello there!
It's 1.26 pm now, and I didn't live up to my goal today.

Bu let me first tell you about yesterday - it was awesome! I didn't do much of my assignment yesterday, I wrote my blogpost, checked out life on FB and what my email-account had for me. Not much, but the time ran away from me. I wanted to get some books from a special part of the library which didn't open before nine. At half past nine I went there and found five books dealing with the writing of assignments, which I took with me. Then I had a class about hinduism, it was crazy. All those strange words, which have no meaning to me (or the girl sitting beside me, so I wasn't the only one). In the end of this class I will know what they stand for, that's pretty amazing. It was the first time our class met, so we mostly talked about the run of the course and who will present what on which day. the class was supposed to take until 11.45, but at 11.04 we were done. I thought I'd start to read one of my new books before meeting my sister for lunch at 12.30, but life goes as it does. I stayed behind with these two really nice girls and we talked, and talked and laughed; I enjoyed it so much.
Lunch with my sister was a little strained, because the canteen was overflowing. so many new students and all the rest back from "vacation", so we went another place. Nice food, but a lot more expensive!
After that I went to my place to get some washing and vacuuming done.
In the evening there was a church service which attended with a friend. I really like the services in my university congregation. I feel at home there and afterwards there's always something social and food.
So yesterday was a great day for me, all he better cause today is not that awesome (as of yet).

I started to read in bed at about 10 I think, and got up at around 12. I read the "Game of Thrones" series, it is really intriguing. I have had breakfast and the washing machine is working on my and my sisters trousers... I have the books in front of me, and after this post, I will start to read. the thinnest first ;)
Later at 6.15 to 8.30 pm I will have a class about theological war rhetorics and after that I will go to the gospel choir with my sister.

Have a great day, and don't get worked up if you do not get all done. Nobody's perfect, just do your best. It is harder to get a better day tomorrow if you do not fret about it too much. Just think: Tomorrow will be better! And it will!

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