Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Get-up-early challenge day 3

Luckily I didn't call the challenge get-up-early-AND-GO-TO-THE-LiBRARY challenge! So today I had breakfast with my sister around 8, I got up! But my alarm clock was overheard so I was in no state to leave the house. I am at home and this morning I read a book about writing assignments... That works so well for me, because I get a lot of motivation from it! Afterwards it's like itching in my fingers to start ;) That is not a normal state of mine...
Now I have to leave for a lecture on church history and am in the same state as this morning... No, wait! I brushed my teeth ;)

I did it today! Yay!
I'm using my sisters computer and I found three pictures of me from 2010 which I will share now, just for the fun of it! We create a photobook for my grandparents every year as a christmas present. We show what we have done that year, so this is 2010:

I started to study and it really tired me. So I  constructed this, and my little brother took my picture

This is in Norway and I have no idea what the story is. We stood on these wooden ski with three persons, our feet in loops and we had to go as fast as possible. It was fun! When I look at this picture I also see my choice of clothes, I really like the colours and all, but today in Germany I would never wear a leggins with a top, I wear this top today and I wear trousers!!

This was a very new experience for me. It's in Norway as well, in the mountains. I think you can see how I enjoy it! But I remember that it took quite an effort to overcome my fears.

Have a great day! I have to run now....

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