Monday, October 14, 2013

I did it!

Good morning dear friends!

This is day 1 of my get-up-early challenge. It is 8.42 am and I am sitting in the university library.
It was easier than expected to get up early, I feel that I am a morning person really, but with the hardship in getting up I am never in my true condition. I feel good!

It was cold outside, below 10° C, my fingers itch from warming up inside again. But honestly? I like the cold! And it's not freezing cold, only cold ;)

But after like 5 minutes on my bike I broke into a sweat, man, my body is not good with getting warm. I think my body works like this: It's very hot inside and my body is working hard to cool me down. When you touch me I am more likely to be cold than warm (I like it that way!). And when I do sports, my body gets even warmer and I do not feel so good.

How does your body warmth/cold work?


  1. Dear Lisa!

    I wish you luck with your thesis. If you're creativity is out, than try these websites: or This really helped me in such impasse moment, when I wanted just do anything but writing the projects/papers.

    Fingers crossed for you!

    Ps. And this video is just awesome, I am a fan of the speaker, for the break is just perfect:

    1. I love that talk! I have seen it before, but it was a good reminder, to see it again, I had all but forgotten about it.
      The other sites I will check out later, thanks a lot for sharing!