Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Telephone Table

Another set of pictures I want to share with you. This is my telephone table and the picture wall behind it. I love just everything about it :)

It has three drawers which hold my notebook, printer paper and tissues. The picture in the red frame with white dots shows me. I have glasses on, but I really got my glasses at 18. So these have windowglass in it. I'm a stone collector. I love it when they have stripes and colours, my table holds my small collection. In the back there's a dutch book about composition of homes, I like that it says: "Enjoy your home", I really do that. Don't forget to see my awesome retro phone! It doesn't show which number is calling, or if anyone called while I was away: Fewer obligations ;) I got it for free from a friends home.
Below the table there's a box with things that need mending. to the right is a basket with gardening things.

The butterflies are from a deceased couples house(I wouldn't have bought them, but otherwise they would have gone to the trash). They are black and yellow-striped.
The turquoise frame has writing in it, things like: Work on things that are meaningful to you, let someone help you etc (in english!).
The top left picture shows my family on my fathers side, with all my aunts and uncles (2 pairs) and my cousins (6).
The one in the middle is a picture my big sister made me when I was born. The ladybuf is called "Marienkäfer" in german, and Marie is part of my name.
To the right there's a photograph of me and my brothers and one of my sisters in front of a fireplace on holiday in danmark. We've always been to the north on holidays and didn't have a fireplace at home (my parents do have one now, too bad this winter was too warm).
You can also see my table and my bench. And my spare matress ;)

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  1. die bilder mit den schmetterlingen sind toll! ich liebe schmetterlinge :) was ist eigentlich aus unseren alten plan geworden mehr schmetterlinge in den garten zu locken?:D