Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas at home

Soo, I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas time and new years! I felt kind of stressed about christmas this year, because I had very little time to think about all them presents (2 sisters, 2 brothers and the parents). My little sister did a great thing: She just gave me something to give to her. This was amazing.
It's so much food and people three days in a row. I find it really exhausting.
But it was wonderful. I want to share some (bad quality) pictures from home.

This years christmastree, my sister and I decorated it. We do it on Christmas Eve and my dad usually hangs it on the ceiling, so it can't fall.

My  family around the livingroom table. Having eaten clementines, packed up presents, just sitting around talking.

 This was my bed for 3 days. It's in my old room where I lived before I left for Norway. I didn't know that I missed it, but it felt so good to hear the rain on my roof-window again. :)

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