Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday 1

Claire over at Fashion + Feathers has started this Thankful Thursday "tradition" for november and because I want to get better at posting regularly I thought I'd join her. There's always loads to be thankful for!

I'm really thankful to be in my home.
New laminate, it's much lighter and reminds me more of scandinavia,
I LOVE it!

I had to leave my flat because of a thunderstorm in the end of july. I live in the basement and got flooded. Immediatly I was crazy thankful, because the water was only 1 cm high. But in that moment, when the water came seeping in, I couldn't know if it'd stop anytime soon. We mopped it up with towels. I didn't have to do it on my own, my brothers, my flatmate, a friend of hers and a neighbour came over to help. But I was in tears.

This is the side of my room
that is farthest away from the outer wall!
The water came all the way.
(Compare the color of the laminate
to the picture on top!)

And then we had mopped all the water up, everyone left, my brother told me to leave the windows open, so that there would be air circulation. Thing is: I went to bed that night, with open windows and the rain didn't stop! I had no way of knowing if I would wake up to more water! But there wasn't more and it seemed like the damage wasn't too big either. But some time after that my flatmate moved out and my father took the laminate flooring in her room out, then we could see how wet it was underneath. And her room wasn't as bad that night!

The other room.

It would probably be worse in my room. But I didn't want to move out and move in with my parents. I stayed until there was no denying the smell... Then I moved in with my parents who live in the same town. And my stay there was better than expected, usually I'll take a week, or two, but now I had to stay for more than a month. And we did pretty great I'd say! I didn't want to leave again.

I moved back on a monday and Roomie moved in on wednesday, that was very good, because I shouldn't have been alone for too long at that time.
Everything worked out.

  • only 1 cm (others in basements had more than 1m)
  • friends and family coming to my rescue
  • only the laminate flooring needed to get renewed, all my furniture survived.
  • my flatmate moved out so we could see the damage
  • my parents live in the same town
  • I had my own room there (not my old room, but like a guest room)
  • I didn't even want to move out again.
  • Roomie came only 2 days after me

Sometimes we grow used to all we have, we take it for granted. Experiences like this remind you of the fragility of life and all you own.

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