Monday, June 30, 2014

Turning from KEEPER to GIVER

Dear friends.

I have always been a "keeper", I have kept stuff. I grow very fast and deeply attached to things. It became very obvious a couple of weeks ago, when my parents wanted us to sort the stuffed animals. My sister and I where doing that together. I had like a zillion animals and a hard time letting go. So in the end I kept about 10 for me and another 10 for giving away to friends who get babies (as if 10 people would get kids soon, but anyways). My sister kept 1! As in: ONE. Well she didn't have a zillion to "choose" from, I don't think it even was ten she had. She almost kept 2, but then she decided to let go of the other bear.
I am proud of you!

Even though I had a hard time letting go of my stuffed animals, I am letting go of my books and DVDs. That's quite phenomenal, because books where my best friends when growing up. But I do not need to keep every book.
I had about 80 DVDs, I kept about 10. The others and some books went to the open bookshelf in the skandinavian department in university (I bought them in Norway, the texts on the back are norwegian, and they are english with subtitles, not very common in germany, and no german subtitles). So here's a little before and after of the open bookshelf. The pictures are crazy blurry, I know!

I am turning from Keeper to Giver. It's a process, it's hard work, but I am getting there!


  1. I love the idea of giving! My husband is the keeper in our house and I'm the "thrower-away-er." I always get rid of stuff because I hate clutter. And I'm not organized enough or patient enough to keep it all.


    1. I think it's good to throw things away before they get clutter. It should be like that, if you don't have a place to put them, throw them away ;) Not always easy if you've had the stuff for a long time and grow attached. So I am working towards not to get too much NEW clutter, too ;)