Monday, June 23, 2014

Creating art

So I read this other blog (younghouselove), it's a couple that is DIYing a lot. They also go "House Crashing" and visit other peoples houses. In one of these House Crashing Posts they show pictures from an american lady living in the UK. And man hat she beautiful pictures on her walls. And she made them herself! They were so totally up my alley that I instantly decided that I would try that.

I am really into (polka) dots and really liked this apron. So I decided to put the both together.

The words are taken from a postcard hanging in a friends toilet.

Take three - make one:

Step 1:
stick the words with stickers: [Well, I forgot a "T" in the words! But my sister said to me: You usually say it like that Beau-iful, so she never commented ;) I guess I do say it like that, but that was not the plan... impatient girl ;) ]
 I really liked the look of it. I could've just kept it that way ;) But now I wanted to try this.

Step 2:
Take yellow, make short brushstrokes. Add a little red to the yellow, make more brushstrokes, repeat this process.

Step 3: Let dry. I am a little impatient. Especially with art.
Step 4: But I will wait till it's dry and then peel off the stickers. I am a little concerned if the stickers go off ;)

Step 5: Hang it where you want it. It's a little small, I think, it looks even smaller on the pictures than in reality!... I just wanna go and buy a real big canvas ;) But I think I will just go with another of the small ones to add to it ;)

Have a great week peeps.


  1. Awww this is amazing! I love the addition of the message as well - you did a lovely job and I'm so flattered that you decided to give it a go!! Yay! xxx

  2. Hallo Lisa-Marie,

    dein Bild ist wirklich schön geworden. Habe mit der gleichen Methode ein Namesschild für unsere Wohnungstür gemacht. Vielen Dank für die tolle Anregung!

    Liebe Grüße von deiner früheren Nachbarin Nina H.