Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wall decor

So, what happend to me since arriving to Norway? Quite a lot. I had a really bad episode of depression in the first two weeks. The last week i got back in tune with God and by helping some afghani people God build me up from scratch. I was literally smashed before I got to visit the YWAM Sola. Short on YWAM: It's a missions organisation that works over-denominational. But coming back to Germany was hard, I felt so alone. But I was provided with a church, which I now attend every sunday and I got many new friends.

Last wednesday in my home group (like prayer group, or house group or whatever it's called ;) ), many of my problems just broke out of me. We talked a lot and prayed over it. The day after I met one special friend and with her I talked about a lot of the same stuff. I saw that I had already changed some perspectives by saying things out loud to her. It was really making an impact. So big, that I actually started creating things again and having fun :)
And I am relaxed even though my mobile phone fell into water, stopped working and now all my numbers and a lot of pictures and things I wanted to remember: GONE. Well, well. Start afresh with a wonderful oldschool phone ;) I am used to that I guess ;)

 But now I want to share my latest creation with you. A bookworm art :) That's me!

I saw this book wreath over at the Nesting Place blog. It just hung on a wall in her bedroom and I was blown away - Look at it!. Partly because of it's size, but I also just like the look of old bookpages all rolled up. So I went to her entry about actually making this wreath. And the thing was: I had all of it available at my home. I have gotten a "non-buyer" lately, so I wouldn't have done it, if I'd had to buy anything. This was the perfect thing to work on while watching the dog whisperer on youtube (Man, how I want a dog ;) ).

So here's number one on my wall in the hall (höhö)

 Yes that's a bag with trash right there and my shoes on the floor (wooot?). I felt i needed one more. This time I put the nail into the wall before making the whole wreath, just to be sure where to place it.

It holds it's own beauty I think, but I still wanted to make one more, so I did:

I love how it turned out!

 Lots of love! And thanks to Chris for reminding me to blog again! :-*

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