Saturday, May 24, 2014

Not buying any more.... CLOTHES

I have been short of money all the time lately (like since coming home from Norway and moving out of my parents house).
So after my last holiday I wanted some new shoes: hipster nikes. I got the cheap edition of them and after that I decided not to buy any more clothes. This is my last purchase of clothes since the beginning of March. And I love these and wear them almost every day.

 I started to declutter my closet at the same time. Just seperating the good from the not-so-good. I started to bless others with my clothes. Everyone that visits me has to look at them. Some days ago I went to declutter my jewelery as well. And books. Things just pile up here. I want to get them out of my home!

So another thing that happend was: I got blessed with clothes by my friends! I haven't really reduced my closet yet, because there's always new things coming in all the while I'm weeding out. It's still in progress!

PS. Remember my drowned phone? A friend read this post and recommended to leave it in uncooked rice for a longer time than only one night. Yesterday my phone was recovered :) I'm back to all my pictures and numbers. Yay!

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