Friday, July 11, 2014

High five for friday!

 1.  I took this picture with my phone to have a new picture in the background. I really liked how it turned out.

2. Look at this delicious meal my sister made:

3. It really looked like rain on thursday night and I got home dry :) there was some thunder going on overhead!

4. I took a nice walk in the forrest. It felt good until halfway, then I just felt weak. I've had a cold for seven weeks now and my body is working hard on that. But it was definitly good for my mood to get out. thanks Sister for suggesting :)

5. Christian Hiphop: Andy Mineo:
"You're my biggest opponent,
You know me, I know you, we know it,
Whenever I failed, you've always been there,
to simply remind me I've blown it.
You don't see where I'm going,
you don't see when I'm growing,
You only see in the moment,
you know my mistakes you never let go it [...]
Huh, if you know who I'm talking about, then you got me
My biggest enemy is me - and even I can't stop me"

The song "You can't stop me" beginning at 16:48 minutes. I can't help but love it because it's deep and laugh because it's fun. And SOOO up my alley!
Andy Mineo on Youtube

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